How To Fix Commitment Phobia In A Relationship

Are you having commitment phobia in your relationship?

In these modern days, many people tend to have relationships that do not involve any commitment. It is only based on mutual understanding and common desires of both parties without the true essence of a committed relationship. These couples may have what the experts termed as ‘Commitment Phobic.’ Now let us unravel the factors behind people who have fear of going steady with someone and discover some ways on how to fix commitment phobia in your relationship.

Often time when you have a great life, a stable job and a good circle of friends, you will have a second thought of giving all that up for someone. In fact, this is a common question that goes into people’s minds when they meet someone special. Usually couples who are having commitment phobia spend a great deal of time considering about this. Most likely these couples ended up not willing to give their freedom away for their partners.

It is the fear of losing all the freedom that inhibits a person from getting involved in a committed relationship. You may feel trapped when commitment is present in your relationship. Thinking that you need your partner’s consent in your decision-making and your decision may affect your partner somehow does not sound very appealing to you.

Your fear of “what if” questions e.g. what if you have decided on taking a holiday but your partner does not agree to it and you still plan to go ahead with your holiday, will your partner be upset? Somehow this fear of yours will hinder you from committing yourself in your relationship. Hence, you rather not commit so that you will not face with this kind of situation.

Many experience commitment phobia because of their interpretation of commitment like a bond in a relationship. With this bond comes along the duties, responsibilities and obligations. Your fear of these duties and responsibilities has caused commitment phobia in you.

Remember that duties and responsibilities are part of life regardless of who you are and what kind of relationship you are in. If only you change your mindset and see the positive side of a committed relationship, you will be able to see the beauty of it. One of the many benefits of being in a committed relationship is you get to share these duties and responsibilities with your partner. Think of the beauty of having someone special sharing your sorrow and happiness, and loving you for who you are. Discovering how to fix a commitment phobia is not an issue if you understand the concept of ‘Self Love’ and ‘Unconditional Love.’ Instead both of you will be enjoying working towards a blissful committed relationship.