How to Fix ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ in Windows Instantly – Stop This Error From Reoccurring


Errors of all types generally happen with Computers. Some of them are very common and we get used to them and then do not worry when they pop up again after some time. But some errors could be new like ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ that is referred as computer error running on Windows operating system. You get signals of this error when computer screen shows blue color while booting and shows error message with a cryptic number. It is advisable to shut down your system immediately so as to prevent loss of data.

There could be various reasons for ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ to occur in the System.

  • It can appear during up gradation of OS or after you have added some new hardware.
  • It may also appear because of installation of some software programs or after updating system. It shows something like “stop: 0x000000c2” on the screen.
  • It can also come on your computer screen due to defective memory chip.
  • If driver is incompatible with hardware of system or there is some problem in management of memory, then also your system may show this error on screen.

To fix ‘Bad pool caller error’ in windows immediately,

  • First of all you must check that all hardware is properly functioning.
  • Perform memory test (Tools -> Windows Memory Diagnostic).
  • Press F1 to change mode to advanced mode or enter in safe mode using F8 key.
  • Unplug complete hardware from the system and look for the problem. You can add cards to PC to detect problem area.
  • Set up BIOS indicating for boot to happen via disk. After accessing Windows, run ‘Run Scanner’ memory test to find the problem lies.
  • If memory test shows no booting problem, it means that there is no problem with PC hardware but there is some error in software.
  • Perform a thorough check on Windows Registry. There may be a problem in registry that shows ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ as registry gets corrupted at times during installation/ un-installation of software. Scan the registry files to fix the error. Choose a reliable registry cleaner.

Try all these tips and fix the error instantly to make your computer free of various errors/ disruptions. This error shows message which says “Windows has detected some problem and is shutting down to prevent damage to computer” on blue colored screen. You can repair ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ easily and without spending any money. After you have scanned and fixed your PC, it will start working at amazing speed. To stop it from reoccurring you must use registry cleaners regularly and install only licensed software.

Running antivirus software regularly also helps in detecting and cleaning malware.