How to Find the G Spot – What Stops Many Men From Finding the G Spot?

In this article you will discover:

In this article you will discover:
* How to go about finding the g spot
* The truth about myth or two
* What stops most men from finding the g-spot

How does one go about finding the g-spot when one is not sure that it exists … I am truly amazed … I was just watching a Google video called "The Female Orgasm Explained", with all these women who allegedly knew their bodies. They were being interviewed about masturbation and female orgasms. I'm not sure when exactly this video was made, but all these women knew about the clitoris and how to stimulate it. But what surprised me was when it got to the G-Spot section and some of them were not even sure if the G-Spot exhausted.

The offensive part about this was the fact that when they were asked if they were vaginally orgasmic, or clitorally orgasmic, most of the said clitoral. But how can one possibly answer that question fairly when you do not even know where the main culprit for vaginal orgasm lies or if it even exists!

The g-spot is no less a factual part of the female anatomy than breasts. And the sooner we can all accept that the g-spot exists, the sooner we can reap the benefits.

But now that my mini-rant is over, let's get on to finding the g-spot …

Firstly, the g-spot is not an abstract erogenous zone. What I mean by this is that I have had women tell me things like "My g-spot is my ear lobe" or "My g-spot is my left nipple". Whilst these are indeed personal erogenous zones for these women, they are not their g-spot. When finding the g-spot, you should know that the location will not differ more than a few centimeters.

In the same Google video I mentioned above, they had to go to a sex therapist in a different country to find their g-spot. But it is actually extremely easy to find. Let me tell you my story of how I found my first g-spot.

What Stops Most Men from Finding The G-Spot

Years ago, when I was still a young teenager, and I was with one of my first girlfriends, all I wanted to do was pleasure her in the best ways I could in order to get some practice, and extremely make her happy. So I scoured the internet looking for ways of doing so … So after scouring the internet for hours, I knew that the g-spot realized and what kind of texture to expect. But whenever I inserted my fingers to look for it, I could never seem to find it. For months, I had no luck finding it. So off to the internet I went (again) … I found an article that "informed" me that some women do not have g-spots. And in my naivety, I blindly believed it. So I stopped looking.

But one day, after some intense foreplay, I inserted a finger and found a large, rough lump. For a couple seconds, I was actually quite scared because I thought there was something wrong with her. But upon further inspection, I realized that further in, the skin was still smooth. I started stroking and putting pressure on it. And every time I did, she squirmed and moaned … Anyway … this is not an erotic novel so I'm going to leave my story there. But the unanswered question is … Did she grow a g-spot overnight?

Back to the internet … I read a few articles on g-spot pleasure, and looked that the stages of female arousal. Those four stages are arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution. But what we're interested in here is the arousal (more in my "The Four Stages Of Female Arousal" article). During arousal, a woman's g-spot expends and becomes more sensitive. So actually, she had not grown a g-spot over night, but her g-spot had grown in the past hour …

So this is the importance of foreplay. Ever since, I have ensured that we indulged in a lot of foreplay. This way, her g-spot was always obvious. And not only that, but the swapping makes it more receptive to stimulation. A lack of arousal will stop you from finding the g-spot, and inhibit female orgasms (which is what most men want to help their lady to achieve).

So if you want to find the g-spot, you had better know that simply knowing where it is and prodding at it will not achieve orgasm (usually). You have to know the whole process …

Actually Finding The G Spot – Step-By Step

1.Ensure the woman is aroused. Foreplay is key. If you are actually looking at her vagina, you will notice that her labia have more color to them if she is aroused.
2.Make sure she is will be lubricated.
3.Insert your finger (hooking upwards towards her pubic bone and make sure you but your nails!). If she sees to be in pain at any point, stop. Anyways, you should only insert your finger about an half an inch to two and a half inches. For most men, their index finger should be in to about the second joint.
4.On the front wall of the vagina, you should feel a large lump. It will be rougher than the skin surrounding it. (It will be totally obvious if you have looked for her g-spot before but it was not big enough due to a lack of arousal.

Just a last minute FYI … The g-spot is not actually a spot. It is more of a general area spanning an inch or two. But the woman will know which part of the g spot is most sensitive. So talk to her, communication is key. Almost all the women who I know have experienced both clitoral and g-spot orgasms prefer g-spot orgasms. But that's for another article.