How to Find the G-Spot and Give Incredible Orgasms to Your Partner Every Night – Here is How!

There are three delicious ways of producing an orgasm in a woman, and they include the vagina, clitoris, and G-spot. The latter method is the most popular by far with women. The G-spot is located in the inner part of the vagina, and the only way to find it is to get the assistance of your loving partner. Hopefully, she will be understanding and show you the way. She will be proud that you are asking her and all too eager to show you where it is. The degree to which you handle the situation and the sexual responsiveness and promiscuity of the woman will all play into how well you can make her achieve an orgasm through the G-spot method. However, if you can start her with a G-spot mechanism, it will be a fail safe method for creating an orgasm each time. The woman should be apprehensive, yet eager, to show you where her G-spot. Take advantage of the situation and ensure that you will come to remember where the G-spot is forevermore.

The size, placement, and general positioning of the G-spot can vary from woman to woman. However, most all G-spots are generally positioned from between 1.5 and 3 inches inside the vagina, and there is a small piece of nerve tissue that is about the size or shape of a bean that sits in between the topside of the woman's cervix and the back portion of her pubic bone. In order to help your wife have a G-spot orgasm, it is simply critical that she lay on her back on the bed with her feet on the bed, her knees bent, and her buttocks propped up on a pillow. Then, place your finger inside and have her tell you when you have discovered the G-spot.

Put your forefinger directly into the vagina to find the G-spot and ensure that your nails are trimmed down very very because your wife will not like it if you scratch her vagina. Move your finger in the direction of her belly button and, at the same time, press against the front wall of her vagina. Instruct your partner to let you know when you have reached G-spot, and she should be able to tell you because it will be very awesome if you reach it. There will be a swelling when you reach the G-spot that will cause her to manifest a good feeling inside.