How to Find the Best Omega 3 Supplement

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be beneficial to the body in many ways. These fatty acids are normally found in fish oil, but some are from plant sources as well.

Best omega 3 supplement – what is it?

The best omega 3 supplement is fish oil that contains two important components, DHA and EPA. DHA is the more important of these two and is beginning to be noticed by more consumers, even those without a particular interest in nutrition. DHA is being added to milk, baby food, and various other food products, often from plant-based oils. There is some controversy over whether or not plant-based supplements are as effective as those made from fish oil.

Benefits of omega 3 supplements

Some of the health benefits of these oils are that they act as beneficial health for the heart and immune system. Multiple studies have proven that they lower triglycerides and slowdown the buildup of plaque in the treaties. They reduce the risk of heart attack and irregular heart rhythms and even lower blood pressure slowly. They keep joints healthy and improve arthritis symptoms for many people.

Are all fish oil supplements the same?

Many stores have rows of fish oil supplies on their shelves, and an increasing number of websites sell omega 3 supplements. Without knowing more about them, it's impossible to know which one to buy. Some expensive supplements do not have the qualities they should have for optimum health benefits, and some less expensive ones may have very little benefit or could be better than expensive omega 3 supplements. Consumers need to know that the amount of DHA and EPA should be listed on the ingredient list on the back of the bottle. If the manufacturer does not list the amounts of these ingredients, the supplement is probably low in these and is probably not worth buying. Many experts recommend that oils used to make omega 3 supplements should come from fish in the New Zealand area where the Southern Ocean waters are less polluted than those of other oceans.

Other important qualities of the best omega 3 supplements

Beside looking for high levels of DHA and EPA, it is important to know how the oil is decontaminated. Fish that are used to make omega 3 supplements often have mercury and other dangerous elements in them that end up in the oil. Manufacturers of supplements are not required by law to decontaminate the oil, but high quality omega 3 supplements have gone through a process to ensure that arsenic, mercury, and other elements have been removed. Another thing to look for in quality supplements is their freshness. Rancid oil can cause burping up the fish odor and taste due to the oxidation in the oil. This oil is particularly bad because it contains free radicals that are not good for the body. Experts sometimes recommend not buying supplements with flavoring since since it is often added to disguise a rancid flavor. The best omega 3 supplements also have high anti-inflammatory qualities which are also important since inflammation causing many problems in the body, including those related to the circulatory system and the heart.

How to know which omega 3 supplement to go for?

Research several companies who sell supplements, preferably online since online vendors typically provide the most information about how they produce their supplements. Companies with proven research results about their supplements test them often, and they can provide you with the results of their tests. These are the safest and best companies to buy supplements from because you will know exactly what you are paying for.