How to Fight Texting While Driving

In the past few years texting while driving has become one of the most common types of distracted driving. It has hit our Missouri roads with a huge impact. Even though there is a partial ban in Missouri prohibiting drivers under 22 from texting while driving, it remains widespread.

Statistical reports claim that 6,000 deaths were directly caused by distracted driving and another half million people have been injured. All distracted driving is risky, but why is texting so much more hazardous?

Simply talking on the phone surely distracts the driver. It limits the amount they are able to hear, but more importantly it causes the driver to divide their attention between the road and their conversation. However much their mind is distracted, though, the driver will still be looking at the road. Texting while driving is different. Not only does it distract the driver's mental attention, but it forces the driver to completely ignore the road and, instead, to stare at their tiny cell phone screen.

What can we do to prevent the needless deaths and injuries that happen because of driving while texting? Oprah has been very proactive here, and we should all follow her example. The No Phone Zone pledge gets drivers all over the nation to promise not to text while driving. Without anti-texting legislation, this might be the amount of what we are able to do. However, that does not mean that some states have passed their own legislation banning texting while driving, or that all states in the future may ban it entirely. Personal responsibility will always be foremost.

Texting while driving in states like Missouri can make a car accident claim more difficult. While a driver over 22 who texts while driving is not necessarily doing anything illegal, they are not acting responsibly nor doing their due diligence to keep the roads safe. These actions could have considered negligent, which provides a good basis for a wrong claim.

Unfortunately an insurance adjuster will probably try to prevent you from getting the full amount owed to you if the accident was caused by another driver texting. They will try their hardest to deny you coverage. This is why it is always important to consider your legal options when injured. A car accident attorney may be able to fight the insurance company for you; they might be able to get you help with your medical bills.

Before you do anything, the best thing is to be prepared for the worst with a solid base of information. Always look for a lawyer who will provide you with free information on how to best handle a car accident. After that, remember not to text when you drive. Be safe!