How to Exterminate Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a general term which refers to an infection of the lungs, that can be due to variety of microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Pneumonia invades your lungs in two ways. Lobar pneumonia affects a portion (lobe) of a lung.

Bronchial pneumonia (or bronchopneumonia) infleunces patches throughout both lungs. Presently, over 3 million people develop pneumonia each year in the United States. There are various kinds of pneumonia ranging in seriousness from mild to life-threatening.

Smoking, alcoholism, immunosuppressive medications, chemotherapy, surgery, prolonged use of antibiotics; Asthma, AIDS, heart disease, chronic kidney disease; certain fungi and inhalation of certain chemicals and gases are other factors.

During the early acute stage of pneumonia, a tea made from fenugreek seeds will help the body to produce perspiration, dispel toxicity, and shorten the period of fever. Upto four cups of the tea can be taken daily. The quantity can be reduced as the condition improves. To improve the flavor of the tea, a few drops of lemon juice may be added. During this treatment, no other food or nourishment should be taken, as fasting and fenugreek will allow the body to correct these respiratory problems in a few days.

Sesame seeds can also act as a good herbal treatment for pneumonia. Take out an extract of sesame seeds, by steeping 15 gm of seeds in 250 ml of water. A mixture of this extract, a tablespoon of linseed, a pinch of common salt and a dessertspoon of honey, can be given to the suffering patient everyday. This will help him in treating pneumonia fast.

Garlic is an effective home remedy for Pneumonia. It helps in bringing down the temperature. You can even apply some garlic paste on the patient’s chest.
Take about 5-6 tulsi leaves and extract its juice. Now mix this juice with a few grind grains of black pepper at every six hours interval. This will help you cure pneumonia fast.

If the above two treatments are combined and used on a person, then it could work wonders. It will produce enough heat in the body to make the person sweat. With this sweat all the effect of cold inside the body shall vanish and the patient will be cured within days.

Good digestion also helps relieve the pressure on the major organs and as such food and drinks like strong tea, coffee, pickles and sauces which are harder to ingest should be minimized or cut out altogether.

When the swelling of a boil or infection is not opened by a taro plaster, a rice plaster can be used to help reduce the fever around the infected area. Hand grind 70% cooked brown rice, 20% raw green leafy vegetables, and raw nori in a suribachi — the more grinding, the better. (If the mixture is very sticky, add water.) Apply the paste to the affected area. If the plaster begins to burn, remove it, since it is no longer effective. To remove, rinse with warm water to remove direct paste.

Respiratory therapists sometimes have their patients blow into a device with an adjustable valve that exercises the lungs the same way as blowing up balloons. “By taking deeper breaths and blowing harder than one would normally, blowing up balloons may help people move mucus up and out of their lungs.