How to Evaluate a Proper Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Normally when you have special needs such as sensitive skin moisturizer, you end up buying several products which makes the situation worst before you finally run into the perfect solution. The aim of this write up is to provide a quick cheat sheet if you will on how to select a very effective moisturizer for your skin care.

Before we get too far into this, you want to have a mindset to always look at the make up of each product by reviewing the label and ensure that you are not missing some obvious issues when you select a sensitive skin moisturizer for your personal care.

Let’s try to now look into what ingredients that is positive and safe for this type of moisturizer.

Shea butter – Taken from the seeds of the Shea tree, makes for a very natural moisturizing effect resembling that of oils produced by the skin. Based on scientific research and studies, this ingredient could show significant improving in smoothing in a short such as four to five weeks. This is all without the threat of side effects as some manufactured ingredients.

Jojoba oil – Extracted this time from the jojoba plant seeds, is considered by some people to be a miracle oil as it can moisturize very dry skin as well as reduce oil output from people with extra oily skin. It would also do a good job of making the skin softer and improve the way wrinkles and even stretch marks appear. Again as mentioned with shea butter, this oil has very little chance of any side effects or skin irritation.

Phytessence Wakame – Taken from Japanese algae or kelp, is wildly known as a great substance to maintain beauty. Its composition includes minerals such as potassium and calcium that helps the skin to keep a good balance of moisture. In addition, the high vitamin B content of this mineral goes a far way to relieve inflammation of the skin.

Now that we established some key ingredients for an effective sensitive skin moisturizer treatment, we will now look at those should not be included in the product that you purchase.

Mineral oils such as petrolatum and paraffin wax block the skin’s pores and increase your chance of acne to the skin. They will also dry out and take away the natural skin oils instead becoming a moisturizer. This exactly the opposite of what you wanted as it would increasing skin aging and dry skin.

Fragrance or Parfum – Great smelling skin is always attractive, however, these ingredients can mess up your nervous system which could case things like depression, hyperactivity and even irritability.

Triethanolamine (TEA) – Is utilized for controlling pH balance especially. This chemical has a very high chance of causing allergic responses as well as dryness. It will even contribute to extra darkness in the skin as well as skin eruptions with very small portions applied.

Parabens – This is normally added to skin care products to enhance the shelf life or simply as a preservative. While it is officially approved for usage in these products, it is nevertheless linked to allergic breakouts for people with sensitive skin types as we are trying to avoid in the first place. Some findings have even linked this substance to causes of breast cancer

In summary as we have seen from this short write up, its very critical to pay attention to what you but when looking for a sensitive skin moisturizer product. Your skin is previous and deserves more than just an uneducated purchase decision.