How to Escape From a Heart Attack

More and more people are now suffering from and are dying of heart attacks. This is the major threat to the healthy life of Americans. It is the No. 1 killer disease in the United States. It has been a nightmare to many an American citizen in such a way that a victim even dies once the bad news is broken.

It has been attributed to so many factors. Some people say that it is one of the effects of industrialization and technological advancement because people expose themselves more and more to radioactive substances used in 21st century industries their heart becomes weaker and weaker by these substations that have high penetrating power.

Many person thinks that it is a disease of the old people because because one grows his muscles, nerves and what have you including the heart becomes weaker and weaker and so the aged has the tendency to suffer from heart attack. Good argument!

Some people say that it is caused by smoking and so only that smoke can develop such health problem because as they smoke cigarettes and other substances their heart becomes weaker and weaker thereby resulting in heart breakdown. Just an opinion and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Amazingly, other people say that it is a disease of the rich. They claimed that the rich worry themselves so much because of their numerous investments and very fat bank accounts. As a result, they think more and more about what will happen to their business and the money in their bank account and as they think more and more their heart becomes weaker and weaker until they have heart attack. But, as they claimed, the poor have nothing to worry about and so have nothing to do with heart attack. Also, this is just an opinion and this is a free world where anyone can think anything.

Everybody seems to have his own side of the story. One good thing is that nobody seems to say that it just happens to whoever it wants to happen and nobody seems to be saying that it is genetic and there is a way to go. And many thanks that nobody is saying that it is a myth and so it does not exist.

You might think that the cause of heart attack is environmental pollution, age, smoking and affluence but I want to tell you that there is one thing that is an established caused heart attack and that is overweight or obesity.

If you are obese you just have to do something about it fast because it makes you vulnerable to serious health problems such as heart attack. Obesity is the primary course of heart attack. Well, you may say it is a disease of the rich because the rich have so much food on the table that they end up eating themselves to the point of death. They have so much money that whatever is labeled food that comes their way must enter their mouth.

You just have to watch your weight and make sure you lose those extra pounds because those extra pounds could kill you by bringing heart problem your way. Take good care of your heart.