How To Eliminate Myopia Forever! Little Known Secret Method To Cure Myopia Naturally!

Have you been suffering from myopia? Does the fact that you have to wear your glasses all the time frustrate you? If so, you are not alone. I know how hard it can be to have your glasses on all the time to see clearly. No matter what you do, the vision just deteriorates.

My power kept on getting low and it reached to the worst of -3.25. I couldn’t even see other people’s faces in my kickboxing class without the glasses. It was too frustrating. That’s when I decided to look for an alternative way to improve my vision naturally.

Soon after I began to look for an alternative way to improve my vision, I came across the Rebuild Your Vision Program. Rebuild Your Vision program is a combination of exercises and life style routines that when integrated on a consistent and persistent basis will improve your vision and give you full 20/20 vision overtime.

I didn’t believe it at first. I thought it was just not possible. But after doing some research, I decided to go ahead and try it because of the free trial.

So did the Rebuild Your Vision program help me cure my myopia?

There are lots of things I learnt from the program. The first thing I learned is the actual cause of myopia – Myopia is now more common among people than ever before is because of the amount of time we spend doing work that is short distance. We sit on the computer, watch TV and read books.

But earlier, it wasn’t that way. Our ancestors used to live in the fields. The body is designed for those environments where hunters live. Our lifestyles have changed drastically over the last few years. We no longer have to hunt or work in the fields. Therefore, there is no balance of short distance and long distance vision.

Our eyes spend most of the time engaging itself in short distance activities. This causes tension in the muscle and the muscle tends to focus more on the short distance activities. Therefore, the stretch extends and it breaks. Once it breaks, we are no longer able to see any of the things that are farther away clearly.

So what really solves the problem now?

Well in order to cure myopia, we’ll have to start stretching our eye muscles and make it do focus on long distance objects. But that isn’t easy when we have to work on the computer for eight hours daily. That’s why the program promotes eye exercises and certain supplements that are proven to strengthen the muscles and make you see clearly.

But there’s one big flaw with the program – Doing the eye exercises alone will help you improve your vision. But it won’t happen fast. If you want to improve it real fast, you’ll have to do more long distance activities without your glasses.

Here’s what I tried after a week of doing the eye exercises –

I started riding my motorbike without wearing my glasses. It was hard at first and it was extremely dangerous. But that’s why I decided to go slow. I used to travel slow and maintain the side. As I did this for a week, I couldn’t believe the improvement I saw. From -3.25, my power dropped to -2.25 with some problems with clarity (cylindrical vision improvement takes time and is affected by your diet).

I was truly amazed by the result. The key is to get the program and start taking action on it. Don’t let it sit around and collect dust. If you take action on it consistently and persistently, you will be able to restore your myopia no matter what.