How to Ejaculate More Than Once? – The Fastest Way Possible


Has this question ever crossed your mind? If you have experienced an orgasm, studies show the answer is likely yes. In fact you would not even need a study to tell you that. An orgasm is one of the most visceral and intense experiences a human being can feel, so it is only natural that you would want more of that euphoric feeling. Ejaculating more than once is not just a personal thing however. It also is a major factor behind increasing the pleasure during intercourse with your partner. While it may feel great for the male, the same can be said of what is done for the female. So just what can be done to make this climax happen over and over?

Men’s Health Customer Journal, a source of medical research and development, states that the first thing needed to orgasm more than one time is increased levels of testosterone in the mail. Testosterone is like motor oil. Oil makes a car run smoothly, and go further on the road effectively and efficiently. Testosterone very much follows the same principles. It is a giant driving force behind male stamina, which allows a man to perform over and over again. Testosterone can be increased in a variety of ways, but the quickest is usually through pill form. Doctors state that almost all of these pills are harmless since they include safe amounts of herbal compounds designed to positively influence your libido strength and production.

Another important issue for a man to orgasm repeatedly is his food intake. It goes without saying that a healthy diet will give you more energy and motivation in the bedroom, but eating right reacts with the aforementioned testosterone boosts in the highest capacity. Herbal compounds taken in to increase testosterone will take effect and run their course on its own, however eating right speeds up this process dramatically.

When you are wondering how to ejaculate more than once in the fastest way possible, do your research about how you can boost your testosterone. Doctors recommend pills most frequently because they are as harmless as over the counter vitamins. Specialists in sexual health actually spend their living designing such solutions for men seeking increased pleasure with their bedroom partner.