How to Earn All Trophies and Achievements in Far Cry 3

Step 1 – Beating the Story on Easy Difficulty, Combat Trophies

This step is simple. Play through the story on easy difficulty and have fun. Along the way you should try to activate all radio towers to uninstall the map completely. This will make the collectible hunt easier later on.

Maps for all collectible locations are available at the general store after activating the radio towers. Buy these maps as soon as you can.

Get the missable trophy Unheard as soon as you can. This might also come naturally without even trying. Before you do this you should also take a closer look at: Love the Boom , Toxophilite . These two can become a little more tricky if you do not do them right away. The more outposts you liberate, the less enemies there will be and story missions can not be replayed. So you should definitely take care of the combat stuff early on!

Some skills require certain combat actions to be unlocked. Take care of the following requirements:

  • Press X (PS3) / A (Xbox 360) to jump onto an enemy below and kill him – Death from Above skill required (x1)
  • Click R3 / Right Stick to kill an enemy above on a climbable ledge – Death from Below skill required (x1)
  • Liberate outpost without being detected (x2)

Also watch out for Never Saw it Coming . This trophy is quite tricky if you do not do it during one of the main story missions. A good place to get this early is in the 6th mission "The Medusa's Call".

Step 2 – Collectibles, Side Quests, Skills, Miscellaneous Trophies

After the story is over you will enter free roam mode and get the chance to complete all the things that you did not do earlier.

Complete all the remaining miscellaneous / combat related trophies while capturing the outposts.

After activating all radio towers, get the collectible maps from the general store and collect 60 relics, 20 letters and 20 memory cards.

Most of the side quests can be ignored. Play at least one quest of each type and complete 3 "Supply Drop" & 3 "Wanted Dead" quests to unlock the "Adrenaline Surge" & "Deadmaker" skills.

After this is done you should be able to buy all skills. If you should still need XP you can keep doing side quests.


Lost Letter – Collect 20

Memory Card – Collect 20

Relic – Collect 60

Outpost – Liberal 34

Radio Tower – Activate 9 (18 recommended to unforgettable map)

Side Quests & Activities

Path of the Hunter – Complete 1

Trial of the Rakyat – Complete 1, beat preset score

Wanted Dead – Complete 3

Supply Drop – Complete 3

Poker – Win $ 1500

Step 3 – Co-Op

Now that you know how the game works it's time to beat all of the six co-op maps. This can be done online or offline. You get one trophy for each map that you complete.