How to Drive Away His Commitment Phobia

You may be having a relationship with a guy who seems to stall at the dating stage. He may also appear to be quite lacking on the emotional front. How can you ever influence him to make a commitment? You may wonder.

There are some men who suffer from what can be described as commitment  phobia . They are so emotionally distant and appear determined never to get married. 

Understand your man

You should understand that there is a great difference between an emotionally unavailable guy and a player. You need different approaches in handling the two types.   Some men have a fear of commitment due to their past disappointing experiences. Once bitten twice shy.

For instance, perhaps he had been dumped by a girlfriend he had invested all his hopes in, the girl he had expected to marry. His fear of rejection may make him stay aloof. Alternatively, he may have been married only to get divorced, leaving him discouraged. 

Once you understand your man, you will be in a better position to handle him well and make him have a change of heart. 

The secret to winning a guy for commitment

No matter the experiences that your guy has gone through, you can actually influence him to get out of his shell of commitment  phobia . The secret is really quite simple. Be special.   It is only when you have special qualities, completely unlike the other women he has associated with, that you will be able to draw a man to you. It is only when a guy notices that you are indeed very special that he will crawl out of his state of commitment  phobia 

If you are deeply interested in a man and would like him to commit in spite of his commitment  phobia , you need to stand out among the other women.

Learn how you can be special in his eyes and you will manage to make him walk down the aisle with you.