How To Diagnose Toenail Fungus?

The toenail fungus also called the Onychomycosis is a condition that could destroy your nail totally. After the infection your nail might look very ugly with a different color is the condition persists. It is found that about 3 to 5 percent of the US population is affected by this toenail fungus. Are you one among them? If you don’t know whether you are affected by that fungus then you should at least learn how your nail looks when you are affected. This would help you to treat that condition at the earliest.

Diagnosing the toenail fungus properly is essential to avoid losing your nail. If you find any coloring of your nail it is better to approach a doctor to diagnose whether you are infected by the toenail fungus. These symptoms indicate that you might be affected by the toenail fungus. For more details, you can go to for a comprehensive description of symptoms and treatment.

During the session with your doctor he might ask you a lot of question related to your profession since people who are involved in sports and occupation that involves contact with wet surfaces might get this infection. Athletes are also liable to get this infection.

Your medical history is also analyzed to find whether you were undergoing any treatment for athlete’s foot etc. People who have diabetes and who are infected with HIV are highly prone to this nail infection. You will be asked whether you will be wearing tight fitting shoes or used to have nail polish often. If any of these are done by you then there are chances for those symptoms to be that of the toenail fungus.

Your family history is also asked for. Families that have psoriasis history are likely to have these symptoms. The symptoms are similar to that of psoriasis and hence there is chance for those symptoms to be that of psoriasis. It could be a case, were psoriasis has affected the nail like the nail fungus.

During the diagnosis the nail is examined for any breakage or split in it. If the person is affected with the toenail fungus the nail will become brittle and tend to break. The affected nail is examined and if needed a sample of that nail is sent to the laboratory for diagnosis. In the laboratory the nail is examined for the presence of microorganisms like fungus. If present then it is confirmed that the nail is affected by the toenail fungus.

If the infection persists then there is chance for more and more of your nail getting infected and it would spread to the other nails also. That is why you have to diagnose it earlier and get it treated otherwise you will be losing all your nails. If the person loses nails then a new nail might grow and there is chance for that also getting infected with the toenail fungus.

Hence it is necessary that you take appropriate steps to cure the toenail fungus. You can even go for some natural remedies before you approach your doctor for the treatment of the toenail fungus.