How to Develop Your Upper Pecs – Build the Best Shape for Your Chest

The upper pecs are the areas that are always underdeveloped. To achieve a masculine look, you need to develop the upper chest. Let this article guide you on how to build the best shape for your chest.

Here are two of my most recommended exercises to develop the upper chest. It should be noted that most people tend to overdevelop the lower chest with flat bench presses. If you found your chest to be a bit rounded and have the shape of a breast, then you need to put less emphasis on flat bench presses. Instead, follow these two workouts for your pecs:

Inclined Dumbbell Presses

With your adjustable bench, adjust your bench to 20 to 30 degree angle above the flat setting and get a weight you can handle for 12 repetitions. Start your chest workout with this exercise as it hits the upper parts of your pecs. Do three sets of 12 repetitions per set. You can also try doing 10 repetitions with a higher angle.

Cable Crossovers

If you want that line that gives definition to the middle part of your chest, then you need to include cable crossovers to your chest workout. You can also alternate it with machine flyes. Just make sure to flex the middle part of your chest when doing cable crossovers or machine flyes. This will ensure that there is tension in the middle part of your pecs.

For the time being, just avoid flat bench movements and concentrate on your upper and middle pecs. You need to allow the upper part of your chest to catch up and let the masculine shape of your chest develop within a few weeks of training.