How to Defeat the Effects of Pepper Spray


Whenever you are stuck in a serious situation or just goofing off with friends, coming in contact with pepper spray is something more and more people are faced with today. This link with agent has very powerful effects. Here are just a few tips to counter the effects of pepper spray.

How to Defeat the Effects of Pepper Spray in Four Steps

Step 1 – Do Not Panic – The worst thing you can do is panic. Never panic! Whatever you do, do not rub the affected area. Pepper spray is both a physical and mental attack. It makes you physically blind and makes you think you are suffocating at the same time. From the moment your hits with pepper spray in the eyes stopped taking deep controlled breaths and stay calm. Another side effect is snot draining out of your nose. Again not something to be alarmed about.

Step 2 – Rinse with Water – From the moment you are hit with pepper spray asks somebody close by your guide you to the nearest water supply. There, rinse your eyes thoroughly with running water preferably through a hose for 10 to 15 minutes. Even though you will feel an immense amount of burning on your eyes keep grimacing and force your eyes open to allow the water to get in.

Step 3 – Blow Air – Next step is to hold a fan in front of your open eyes, preferably a hand-held fan. It is the second most important step that will help you overcome the traumatic experience. False your eyes open and allow the air to blow onto your eyes. It will most definitely hurt but after a few minutes of pain you will be able to open your eyes and see again.

Step 4 – Treat the Skin – The Painful pepper spray liquid will now be out of your eyes but it will not be out of your skin yet. Simply, gently and carefully rinse your face off with soap and water. Your eyelashes and hair might also still contain the harmful liquid. So, it is advised to take a shower and completely remove everything.