How to Deal With ProSolution Pills Side Effects

ProSolution Pills, the herbal male enhancement product that has been getting quite a bit of press lately, is, for most users, one of the safest methods of penis enlargement. It is certainly safer than surgery and some of the more extreme stretching and traction methods. Neverheless, as with any medically active substance, there is always the risk of side effects. ProSolution Pills side effects are generally mild but may be problematic for those with certain pre-existing conditions. This article looks at a few of the more common ProSolution Pills side effects and how best to deal with them.

Perhaps the most common side effect that often comes from taking the ProSolution supplement is nausea. This is not so much a side effect as it is the body's way of dealing with a sudden influx of different substances. The best way to reduce the occurrence of nausea is to take the supplement with food and a big glass of water. This helps to slow the absorption of the active ingredients, resulting in less of a gastric response.

As with most male enhancement products, ProSolution Pills work in part by increasing blood flow in the vascular tissue in the penis. This is accomplished in a number of ways, but it almost always involves a slight increase in blood pressure. While this is tolerable for most users, it can be significant for those who suffer from severe hypertension or other cardiovascular disorders. Those who have these conditions should always consult a physician before using ProSolution Pills or any other male enhancement herbal supplement.

By far the most common ProSolution Pills side effects involve the nausea and elevated blood pressure. While these are minor for most users, those who have pre-existing conditions that make these side effects intolerable should either not take the pills or take them only under the guidance of a physician.