How to Deal With Panic Attacks and General Anxiety – 3 Proven Methods That Really Work

Learning how to deal with panic attacks is not as difficult as one might first envision.  Although the onset of panic attacks might be alarming and terrifying, dealing with panic attacks is a relatively simple endeavor in the majority of cases.  In fact, there are three proven methods for dealing with attacks that really work.

Proven Methods of Coping

  • Anger Management
  • Hypnosis
  • Therapy

Method #1: Managing Your Anger

How can managing your anger serve as a method for learning how to deal with panic attacks?  In truth, when you have buried anger it can bring on bouts of anxiety and, in turn, encourages the onset of an attack.

Anger is a seriously powerful and sometimes vicious emotion, and unexpressed angry feelings have a number of equally powerful bodily effects.  Increases in one’s heart rate, blood pressure levels, and stress are merely a start in terms of the influence that unexpressed anger has on an individual.  The latter bodily responses are associated with anxiety, bouts of minor and/or major depression, and panic.  Thus, when you learn to manage unexpressed anger, you can simultaneously fend off potential anxiety attacks.

How can you successfully deal with angry, unexpressed emotions?  Meditating, emotional diversions, slowed breathing techniques, and self talk that is positive in nature are methods for managing anger related issues.  You also have the alternative of expressing your angry feelings in a positive, constructive way in order to finally release pent up emotions.  Finally, some assertiveness training can also prove amazingly helpful.

Method #2: Hypnosis Sessions

Undergoing hypnosis is one way that many people learn how to deal with panic attacks.  When visiting a hypnotist, an individual is guided into a deep state of altered awareness and intense relaxation.

The benefits of using hypnosis to manage panic attacks and anxiety are two-fold; first, the individual is repeatedly guided into states of calm, tranquil, relaxation, and secondly, the individual gets the opportunity to explore some of the potential causes for attacks while in a hypnotic state.  Once potential causes for attacks are identified, the causes can be addressed further and treated accordingly.

Method #3: Therapy and Counseling Services

One of the most effective methods for how to deal with panic attacks includes the use of counseling services and therapy.  During therapeutic sessions and individual can begin to dig deep into his or her subconscious and to explore potential causes for the anxiety being experienced.  Trained counselors can also help the individual talk through issues, to discover solutions, and also offer suggestions on how to implement necessary solutions. 

Finally, counseling can be coupled with assertiveness training and hypnosis if necessary in order to give the individual an optimal treatment plan for anxiety related problems.