How to Deal with Having a Stroke

 Stroke  causes brain damage. The extent of the injury depends on the type and the severity of the brain attack. In any case  stroke  recovery is hard – for  stroke  victims and for their relatives and close friends.

If you are living with someone who suffered from  stroke , you should be prepared for the recovery process. First of all speak to the doctor to learn what the damages are. Some mild  strokes  don’t leave severe damages and thus the recovery is not that difficult. Unfortunately in most of the cases the damages are serious and the recovery process is much longer. In some cases full recovery is not even possible.

Once you have spoken with the doctor you will be prepared for helping your dear one to recover from the brain attack. You will have to cope with his physical disabilities – in some cases the  stroke  victim may be paralyzed or suffer vision disability or experience difficulties to speak. In the worst cases the  stroke  victim is unable to recognize familiar faces and is completely disorientated.

Being close to someone suffered from a  stroke  will make you face a lot more that the physical damage to his or hers body.  Stroke  survivors usually suffer from post-stroke psychological problems as well. Many  stroke  victims develop depressions, have anxiety attacks and find the adaptation to the after  stroke  life very difficult. Some have difficulties to express their emotions and other cannot express emotions at all.

You should arm yourself with a lot of patience and try to provide as much support as possible. The rehabilitation process will be long and if you decide to be part of it you better do it right. Do not stop believing that the person you love will recover and keep saying this to him.  Stroke  victims usually loose believe in life and need to be reassured that everything will be OK. In some occasions a  stroke  may lead to relationship problems so you better be prepared and react accordingly. Since you know what the reasons are you should skip the things that normally would piss you off. Seek help and appoint visits to a behavioral therapist to help your loved one recover quickly.

Remember that even after a  stroke  recovery your role is not over. A  stroke  victim should maintain a very healthy lifestyle in order to prevent future brain attacks. Keep an eye on him or her and make sure the rules set by the doctors are followed. Try to help by setting up healthier environment and if required by changing your own lifestyle.