How to Deal With Anxiety and Learn How to Relax

Whenever you perceive that you are too angry about something or in general, dominated by anxiety, you have to tell yourself that this is not the end of the world, and that that no matter what may happen, you will survive and be able to successfully solve all your problems.

Think that you have many abilities to attain your goals and everything will be fine, even if you feel that nothing could be the way you desire because the conditions of the objective reality are all against you.

There are many ways to solve a problem.

If you are waiting for something important, or expecting a certain answer from someone, of course you are very anxious and you can not relax until you learn what will happen …

This is when you need the possibility of predicting the future, and understand what the development of reality will be.

You can easily learn how to interpret the meaning of your dreams and finally understand the dream warnings and predictions you see everyday. The images you see when you sleep are not disorganized and absurd, but they are giving you many lessons.

When you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams, the strange dream scenes become organized and the messages of the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams become clear.

Even without sleeping and dreaming you can have information about the future by observing various signs of your daily reality, which can be interpreted like dreams, and have exactly the same real value.

Relax! You will not be alone anymore once you discover the wise genius that sends you precious dream messages everyday.

Think that you are too ignorant and that this world is vast, the truth is huge, the possibilities you have in life have no end, and you have no reason to despair.

You will become much more intelligent after learning everything that the unconscious mind will teach you in your dreams, and this way you will not feel totally lost each time you have to face difficult situations in life or solve difficult problems.

Start writing down your dreams, whatever you remember of them, and follow my lessons. You'll soon be able to understand their meaning, control your behavior, and find peace and happiness in life thanks to the unconscious' wisdom.