How to Cure Your Ingrown Toenail Quickly

It can often be easier to cure your ingrown toenail if you notice it early on. Apart from the fact it’s less painful at this stage; the actual in growing will be less severe. You can cure your ingrown toenail cheaply and easily from home, as long as you follow these simple steps:

1. First of all, soak your toe for around ten minutes or so in warm water.

2. Take a clean cotton tip and gently push the skin the nail has grown into, down, so you can expose the nail (you should start as close as possible to the nail root, working up towards the end of the nail).

3. Repeat this procedure every day for a couple of weeks, so you are giving the nail time to grow.

4. When you notice the nail is growing forward, put a small piece of cotton wool underneath it in order to encourage it to grow the right way. Make sure to change this cotton wool daily.

5. Don’t cut the nail. You need to allow it to grow. Only cut the nail once it grows out past the end of your toe.

This is a very easy and quick way to cure your ingrown toenail, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well in the later stages where the nail has become further embedded into the skin. It is however, a very effective method to cure your ingrown toenail when the problem starts to emerge and it is both simple and cheap to do – which is always a bonus!

Remember if your nail gets worse or there are signs of infection then you should see your Doctor as soon as possible.