How to Cure Stammering


I’m going to show you how to cure stammering. I know, you are thinking what a bold statement that is, but keep in mind that something as deep-seated as stammering in your psyche isn’t going to be removed just because I say that I am going to show you how to cure stammering. But bear with me a moment as I go on.

What I am going to show you here is not a quick fix. You are not going to wake up in the morning free of your stammering. You will have to do some work on your part. Okay, a lot of work on your part. Because there are certain action steps that I am going to describe to you to get the job done properly.

There are two fancy terms in the science of stammering that I am going to bring up briefly, and then we are going to put them away in the back of your mind, because this isn’t a science journal. But it is important that you know about them, because they are part of the cure. These two words are triggers and blocks. In the case of stammering, we are dealing more so with blocks than with triggers, as triggers are more related to stuttering.

What I am going to show you, then, is a way to break through those blocks that are mentally and physically causing you to stammer. Get to know your blocks and you can work your way around them and into more fluent speaking. This is just one exercise but it will show you clearly that there are ways to cure stammering.

The first thing you want to do to get started using this exercise is to get hold of a favorite book, or even a magazine that you have lying around Find a selection that you’d like to read from the book or magazine and time yourself reading from this selection over the next minute. You want to focus during that brief minute on speaking as clearly and fluently as you can.

What you don’t want to do is get nervous or stressed out over this minute of reading aloud. Don’t obsess. When the minute is done, count the number of words you read during that time. This will give you a number that you can gauge as you progress with the exercise. This number is the number of words you read during that minute and often is referred to as the baseline.

Your next step is to read the selection again. You want to read at a pace that is comfortable, but will not invoke any real stammering. Again, don’t stress out if your reading pace is slow. Record how many words you read during that minute. Whether or not it is more or less than the number from before is not important. You just want to focus on reading at a rate of speed that will not cause you to stammer while you are reading.

Rinse and repeat. Continue to read the selection out loud, and recording your number of words read in that minute. Your ultimate aim is to get faster over time. Take your time about it though. You only want to get faster with your reading if you can get through the selection without stammering so, just concentrate on reading without stammering, and get faster as you keep practicing.


Source by Thomas Davey-Clarke