How To Cure Sprains – 3 Easy Home Remedies That Work Wonders


Do you want to know how to cure sprains? Sprain usually comes with pain and it is no fun.

What is a sprain?

When the ligaments of our body get injured, then it is termed as sprain., They are commonly experienced in the knee, elbow, wrist or ankle. Basically, ligaments are tissues that link one bone to another and which avoid freakish movements. When a huge force is applied on a body, the muscle gets overstretched leading to the displacement of fibers and consequentially, a strain may result.

Sprains occur to people who are very active in different kinds of sports. Examples include football, cricket or gymnastics. It may also occur when there is an accident slip or a bad fall.

Home Remedies

These are a few home remedies about how to cure sprains instantly and effectively:

  • Pressurize the impact area with ice cubes. Cover the area with a bandage. If not comfortable with ice cubes, hot water can also be applied. Applying hot water with some content of Epsom salt over the affected area brings instant relief. Epsom salt helps in sustaining the warmness of the water in the muscle.
  • For a foot sprain, black coffee does wonders. While warping the foot, apply 1 tablespoon of black coffee with the bandage.
  • For instant pain relief, cabbage leaves soaked in water can be applied at the sprained area and oils of lavender, garlic and that of almonds can cure the affected ligaments.

Some other precautionary measures should be taken along with the home remedies for faster recovery of injured ligaments or tendons. The affected muscles should be stretched for enough blood circulation. Foods prosperous in potassium and calcium should be consumed as they make bones and muscle strong. Pineapple fruits provide these nutrients. Finally, the most essential measure is to keep the muscle muscle wrapped firmly with a bandage, so that it results more swelling and helps the affected ligament heel faster.

Is There A Better Remedy?

Generally the above mentioned home remedies are effective, but the affected ligament takes a lot of time to heal. To our relief, studies conducted by the University of Connecticut has revealed that a natural cream which is made from the ingredients like Belladonna, Ignatia, Lachesis Mutus and Cetyl Myristoleate has a 100% success rate in reducing pain. This cream is proven to heal the source of your pain so it never returns and there are also no side effects, making this one of the most essential and effective remedies in how to cure sprains.