How to Cure Sprained Ankle Naturally

Having sprained ankle is very painful! When it comes to you, you will get difficulties to walk and doing your activities. It needs more than 2 weeks to heal. Can you imagine when you get an ankle injury?

However, if the injury is not too chronic, you still have a hope to heal it without surgery. There are natural methods that can be applied safely without medicine! Interested?

At the first time, you get this pain; you have to take a rest! It is needed to heal again the tendon and tissues in your ankle. Do not do hard work at home like sweeping, washing, cleaning and other activities that will support your pain.

Prepare ice to stop pain and infection. You can apply it immediately on the strained area. Ice will reduce your pain at this point. Apply it routinely until you get well! Make sure that ice is far away from dirt.

Compression is another natural treatment to heal you from this sprained ankle. You can do this method to remove hurt easily. Based on the experience, compression is the effective way to block inflammation. You will free from bacteria that have big possibilities spread infection in the sprain area. That is awful!

Place your ankle higher than your body when you take a rest! This is a good position to avoid injury becomes worse. You can ask your family to help you get this position. Make sure that you will not make careless movements. Stay cool and think about your healing process at home.

Try to plan good nutrition! It is significant to help healing process from inside. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. According to the study, green vegetables have a good component to remove broken cells and change it into the new one. In addition, drink water at least 3 liters a day. It will help you to stay fresh and healthy.