How to Cure Sinusitis With Natural Sinus Treatment

The sinuses are air-filled spaces within the bones of the face and skull.  They are lined by mucous membrane and connect with the nasal cavity through small channels. The sinuses may become infected whenever an infection is present in the nose and throat, such as occurs in the common cold, influenza, ect.  The normal drainage channels from the sinuses become blocked by the infection, and this may also cause the sinuses to become infected.  People who do a lot of swimming, diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving are also prone to develop sinus trouble. Any poor health habits such as eating an unhealthy diet, lack of proper exercise, uncleanliness, lack of fresh air, or an inadequate fluid intake may prolong sinus trouble.SymptomsPain over the sinuses, sometimes becoming very severe, aching eyes, discharge from the nose or down the throat, low-grade fever, headache, running eyes and nose.The symptoms may be very similar to those seen in hay fever, which, however, is usually due to an allergic condition.  In fact, the two diseases frequently occur at the time.The Natural Treatment:

The only cure is to thoroughly cleanse the body of all poisons; then there will be no sinus trouble.Remove the causes.  Stay of a fruit juices diet for 4 or 5 days.  Drink them separately: oranges, grapefruit, lemons (diluted in water), pineapples, and grapes (all unsweetened).Medicinal Herbs:
– Plantain:Good for healing external and internal skin and membranes and will clear the head of mucous.”Side Effects”It’s an antiseptic healing substance especially of the skin.  It is also a diuretic.- Bayberry bark:It cleanses and heals the sinuses of all putrid matter.”Side Effects”It’s very good when sick with a cold or flu.  It heals stomach and throat membranes.- Golden Seal:It’s great for stomach problems and nausea.  One of the best remedies of all the herbs.  It seems like a cure all because it kills and neutralizes poisons.