How to Cure Sinus Infection Using the BIG V – Part 1

It is known that the Hunzas, Maoris and inmates of Fiji, Hawaii and Samoa are incredibly fit, thanks to the food they eat which is loaded with the BIG V – VITAMINS. Nature ensures us a plentiful supply of vitamins but due to our lifestyle we are eating more processed foods which lack the vitality of raw foods. How to cure sinus infection using VITAMINS – get to know your vitamins and what they can do to cure sinus infection.

VITAMIN A Vitamin A combined with Vitamin D helps to build up resistance against winter's colds. You can get vitamin A from fish oils, eggs, cheese, dairy products, liver, apricots, spinach, broccoli, deep green leafy vegetables and carrots. How to test if you have enough Vitamin A:

1. Clench your fist tightly
2. Open out quickly
3. Before the blood can suffused back into the tissues, you can see a yellow pigment just beneth the skin. If you this temporary yellow hue is not visible, you might not be getting enough Vitamin A. How to cure sinus infection – load your fridge with these foods.

VITAMIN B2 (RIBOFLAVINE) If you lack this vitamin, may cause watery, bloodshot itching eyes and highly sensitive to light and you are also likely to catch the influenza germs. Vitamin B2 can be found in brewer's yeast, asparagus, cheese, almonds, liver, milk, broccoli, chicken and green leafy vegetables. Another great vitamin on how to cure sinus infection.

VITAMIN C Everyone knows this vitamin but consume most little. It is the most unstable of all vitamins, easily lost by heat, water and oxygen. When you are having an allergy like asthma, sinus or bronchitis, Vitamin C is at the tops on how to cure sinus infection. Sources are citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, cabbages, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, blackcurrants and grapes.

If you notice broccoli seems to be a good source for all the above vitamins – so how to cure sinus infection – eat loads of broccoli !!

There are other vitamins which you can take to know how to cure sinus infection and I can not finish writing them in this article.

If you are the person who is a fast jet-setter and do not have the time to cook yourself a hot meal, you can think of supplements but ensure that you choose a company which is reputable and of quality.