How to Cure Psoriasis

Once a person is diagnosed with having the gene that causes Psoriasis, they start thinking about the future. Two of the first questions that are asked are: 1) How will I be able to cope with the disease, and 2) What exactly must I do to Manage the Symptoms.

Up to the date of writing this, I have not come across any medical literature that suggest that there is an absolute and final cure for Psoriasis. So to answer the question whether there is a guaranteed cure for Psoriasis, I have to inform you here and now, that there IS NO CURE currently for Psoriasis.

It is no different than the common cold, for which we all know, there is no absolute cure yet.

But don’t despair, this does not mean that we cannot continue to Manage the condition, just like we manage and continue to treat the common cold.

In order to control the disease, we have to stand fast, and be vigilant in the management of the symptoms so that it doesn’t get out of control.

Below I list a couple of guidelines and tips that you can start applying today in order to manage the symptoms of Psoriasis intelligently:

  1. The best weapon against the flaking of your skin as well as the itchiness is simply MOISTURE! Trust me, it is your best defense against Psoriasis. Applying moisturizing agents which include emollients, your itchiness will not completely disappear, but the Psoriasis outbreaks will be a lot more subtle.
  2. Vitamin D is another good combatant against Psoriasis flares. Now, in a previous post I did mention that you should always use sunblock. Sunblock is extremely important when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. However, the different wavelengths of sunlight which include Ultraviolet A and B for SHORT yet frequent exposures to natural sunlight is what is needed to replenish the Vitamin D to fight Psoriasis. So keep your exposure sessions short i.e. 10 minutes at a time to build up good deposits of Vitamin D in your body.
  3. One of the most difficult disciplines you must try to learn, is to NOT PICK at the crusted dried skin found on top of the Psoriasis plaques. Once you have adequately softened the affected areas with moisturizing agents as mentioned above, can these crusted areas of skin be removed safely. It is hard for all of us to not pick at the infected areas, but believe me, once you break the habit of picking at it, things will go a lot better. Now, even when removing the dried skin after adequately moisturizing was used, you still have to be extremely careful not to cause further or new damage to the skin. STOP if you feel that the skin underneath is becoming raw or exposed immediately. If you are not sure how to safely remove the dead skin, please consult your dermatologist. He will show you how to remove the skin without damaging the underlying new skin.
  4. I have to emphasize that there is no guarantee that all the known treatments for Psoriasis will actually work for you as an individual. You might have to try out different treatments and prevention methods on your own skin, and find the best solution for you personally. It may very well be that a combination of treatments work perfectly for me, but not at all as good for the next person and visa versa. It will take some time and effort on your part to get to the right solution for you. You could also resort to UV therapy. However, this is a procedure that is performed in a doctor’s rooms, and could cost a substantial amount of money.
  5. Be sure to not only take extra special care of your skin on the outside, but also your inside i.e. your Stress levels. Stress can be a huge factor in the outbreak of Psoriasis, but furthermore it could be harmful to your entire well being. Avoid polluting your body unnecessarily with processed foods, artificial enhancers, and soda drinks. Make natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and organic meat products a priority on your grocery list. The benefits will be amazing.