How to Cure Psoriasis – Internal Cleansing

My father suffered from a really serious bout of psoriasis for the best part of 20 years and no matter what conventional treatments were given to him by the dermatologists, it lingered and worsened over time before it really was affecting his life severely. His self confidence, belief and attitude towards things in general just took a massive turn for the worst which is when we decided to take matters into our own hands and apply some holistic treatments that we’d heard such good things about.

I’m pleased to say that six months after we started looking into the holistic options, his psoriasis has all but disappeared. The plaques on his scalp, elbows, knuckles and back have all drastically improved and he hasn’t looked back since.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the internal cleansing part of the equation for the psoriasis cure.

Internal Cleansing to cure Psoriasis

The theory behind the internal cleansing is that the majority of dermatologists agree that the level of toxicity in the body is some way related to the condition. The higher the toxicity or unhealthiness of the vital digestive and filtering organs, the worse the condition gets.

So here’s what we did to make sure that my father’s internal environment was as healthy as it could possible be and operating as well as they should be:

– He did a colon cleanse. This was quite a lengthy cleanse of over one week and involved fasting and juicing for a period of time before ingesting a substance called bentonite which is renowned for its excellent toxin absorbing properties. After this we rebuilt the health intestinal flora.
– He did a liver cleanse. This involved a weekend of not eating any thing solid and supplementing with Epsom salts to try and loosen any bile that may be residing in the liver. These balls of bile block up the tubes of the liver and limit its capacity to filter out toxins. Finally, after a couple of days, he drank a ½ a pint of olive oil which is designed to build up pressure in the liver and force the bile out. He dropped around 300 stones doing this and felt incredible pretty much straight away after. It seems to be true that the health of the liver is vital to the health of the whole body and well being of a human.
– Finally he did a kidney cleanse which involved drinking apple juice and using a number of substances to clear out and kidney stones that may be residing in these organs.

Please be aware that on top of this, he changed his diet completely, underwent emotional therapy to keep stress and anxiety levels in tact and give him a positive mentality and also he supplemented with substances that were designed to keep his body in good health – things like Essential Fatty Acids. He drunk 7 pints of water per day to filter out toxins in the body and he didn’t smoke or drink the whole time.

The results of all the above culminated in a complete psoriasis cure that has literally transformed his quality of life. He is now pretty much a new person.