How to Cure Pregnancy Nausea – Natural Methods Only!

Pregnancy nausea can make your life a nightmare during the pregnancy. I know how it feels getting up in the morning and vomit, not being able to perform at work and feeling sick all day. Pregnancy nausea usually don’t last longer then the first 6 weeks, but there are women who suffer from it till the week 40. Here are few things to do to cure pregnancy nausea.

Drink icy drinks – even in winter when you are home. Cold drinks help with the sickness and you will feel much better in minutes!

Lemon – people, who are feeling sick after drinking too much alcohol, usually take a peace of lemon to feel better. I hope you don’t drink alcohol while you are pregnant, but lemon can be useful to you too!

Ginger – you can get it in a lot of forms: biscuits, crystals, tablets. It’s a known remedy and you can give it a try.

Peppermint – also a known remedy. Peppermint tea will decrease the nausea in a few moments. You can also try peppermint candies if you aren’t home.

Don’t go to sleep on empty stomach – a little protein snack will make you fill better in the morning!

The acupressure points technique – works only for 95% of women but it’s worth to take a chance. It based on the Chinese alternative medicine and was used for hundreds of years. By tapping with your thumb on specific points at your body you will stop feeling nauseous in one minute. Women who used it were very satisfied and kept using it till the pregnancy sickness was gone by itself.