How to Cure PE – Premature Ejaculation is Easily Treated If You Know How

How to cure PE? It’s a question that many men seek the answer to. But it’s also an easily solvable problem if you know how.

Short Term Fixes

There are many short term fixes that you can use tonight.

One of the most basic is to simply masturbate before sex. Ideally around 20 minutes prior but if you cannot schedule this then a longer period will still give you an advantage in the bedroom.

Another way is to use a condom. Even a regular condom will stop you going over the “edge”. Better still, look for a delay condom, for instance the Durex Performax or the Trojan Extended Pleasure. Both of these work very well.

Alternatively, you can try the natural approach. Different positions work well, especially where the woman controls the penetration. Both of you will also have better access to her clitoris.

The Cause Of PE

To learn how to cure PE, we must first understand it’s cause.

It is generally agreed that premature ejaculation is a purely mental problem. It originates as a man’s anxiety about his performance in the bedroom.

The more he worries then the more likely it actually becomes. All it takes is a small amount of anxiety for it to snowball into full blown premature ejaculation.

Don’t blame genetics or diet or other environmental factors because it has nothing to do with that.

Long Term Cures

The best long term cures tackle directly the cause of PE, the anxiety, and they also fix it for good.

One cure is antidepressants. These will definitely take away the anxiety. However, I don’t recommend these because for one they only work whilst the drugs are taken. Secondly, if a guy is otherwise happy and healthy but only has anxiety in the bedroom, why give him mood altering drugs that affect his every waking minute? It seems like too heavy handed a treatment, in my opinion.

There are a couple of other techniques that can be used that are natural and address the problem of anxiety. These are the best because they don’t involve any drugs or special aids.