How to Cure Ovarian Cyst Naturally


 Surgery is frequently used to cure ovarian cyst, surgery is not the best solution to this problem. First, complications may arise during the operation; secondly, surgery does not stop new cysts from developing.

To know why surgery is not the best cure, you need to know first what ovarian cyst is, and how it develops. The whole problem is center around its formation.

These are small sacs filled with fluid found in the ovaries of women. They form naturally during ovulation, when a woman is about to release eggs for fertilization.


Normally they have to dissolve after a few days or so, but some do not and are filled with fluid or blood. These are those responsible for the pain.


We come across many different types of cysts: follicular cyst, corpus luteum cyst, hemorrhagic cyst, dermoid cyst, endometrioid cyst, polycystic-appearing ovary, and cystandenoma.


All of these put women through:

1.      Pains, mostly during menstruation of which the pain may keep on long after menstruation.

2.      Fertility problems, this is mostly common with endometriomas.

3.      Metabolic problems

4.      Cardiovascular complications

5.      Type 2 diabetes

6.      High blood pressure


These are only a few of the complications. We now know its nature, and problems it may cause; it is time to get rid of it.


 The only way to know if you have ovarian cyst is to carry out an ultrasound test. The test in it self is simple, and not painful.


If you feel persistent pains after menstruation, pains in the pelvic, pain associated with sex, urine problems, sometimes bleeding, and then you need to go for a test. One other sign of developing cyst is putting on weight.


Remember it affects women of all ages, especially those of childbearing age.


Removing a cyst through surgery is not a solution, for we have just seen that others will form again during the next menstrual cycle.

Natural methods are the only real means of stopping their development in the next cycle.


To better put this; natural means help your cyst to dissolve after releasing the egg.