How to Cure Oral Thrush From Home – 5 Natural Oral Thrush Remedies


Treatment of oral thrush from home is possible. This article is to introduce a few of the many oral thrushes remedies that is hassle-free and can be easily applied at home.

Oral thrush is a type of yeast infection in the mouth caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans . Yeasts naturally exist in human bodies but under normal circumstances, these yeast are kept under control by "protective" microorganisms in our bodies. Here, one would be susceptible to thrush when the immune systems are low which also causes the depletion of these "protective" microorganisms. This is the reason why thrush is one of the common symptoms seen in people with HIV, cancer and diabetes.

Symptoms of oral thrush appear like little raised disposable plaques (resembling cottage cheese) along the tongue or inner cheek. Thrush would also grow on the roof of the mouth, gums, tonsils or back of throat. They could be painful once touched and may even bleed.

If left untreated, these yeast are released to spreading further into the mouth and all over the body. Early treatment of oral thrush is vital to prevent the infection from worsening. Treating oral thrush is not as complicated as it looks, here are five natural thrush remedies that can be applied immediately:

Remedy # 1 Yoghurt and Probiotic Supplements

Take two spoonfuls of natural, unsweetened yoghurt with active cultures three times daily. Each time, retain the yoghurt for a few seconds on the infected mouth area before swallowing. Yoghurts have ingredients that can combat infection. Probiotic supplements such as acidophilus are also effective in treating thrush.

Remedy # 2 Garlic

Include 2-3 cloves of raw crushed garlic in meals to prevent yeast from spreading. Garlic is a powerful antibiotic with antioxidant effect. Take garlic supplement if there is concern over 'garlic breath'.

Remedy # 3 Stay away from fermented foods and maintain a healthy diet

Stay away from fermented foods like beer, bread, wine and etc. Eat huge portions of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink at least 3 liters of purified water daily. Also, minimize sugar intake as thrush feeds on sugar. Stick to a healthy diet for at least 30 days to prevent thrush from growing.

Remedy # 4 Gargle mouth with salt water

Rinse and gargle mouth with warm salt water at least three times daily. Salt has antiseptic effect and is one of the most effective and easily available thrush remedies at home. This step is also recommended to people with gum infection and mouth ulcers.

Remedy # 5 Vitamin C

Remember to boost up the immune systems with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Recommended daily intake for adults would be at least 500mg to 1000mg of good Vitamin C supplements. Also, avoid smoking as cigarette smoke contains nitrogen dioxide that drastically depletes Vitamin C in the body.

Hope you have benefited from this article on the few thrush remedies that can be applied from home. Remember, these recommended thrush remedies are only a few ways to halt spreading of thrush. Seek medical treatment immediately if condition worsens.