How to Cure Insomnia Without Medication

What would you do when you can’t fall asleep for the night or worse, for a few nights in consecution?

Indeed, you’ll feel awful and grouchy if you suffer from insomnia. Thanks to the invention of sleeping pills – you hit the sack and sleep like a log throughout the night.

So you start taking drugs, thinking you found a cure for insomnia? No, do not depend entirely on sleep medications as they can create undesirable side effects while temporarily inducing sleep.

To cure insomnia, you just need some natural remedies. In fact, start by analyzing your lifestyle, as they’re likely the cause of your insomnia. Once you change some of your habits, you’ll nip your sleepless problem in the bud.

Now, try out these simple natural insomnia remedies, which aim to change your habits to help you cure insomnia without medication. They work best for you if your sleep disorder is not caused by the side effects from other drugs you’re undertaking.

1. Create a comfy environment for slumbering – soft lighting, good ventilation, appropriate room temperature, good support pillow, and sufficient comforters. This drug-free tactic alone can sometimes work to cure your insomnia.

2. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks or chocolate drink and/or cigarettes after 3 in the afternoon. Actually, caffeine is a drug by itself that can cause insomnia. Remove this drug and you’ll cure insomnia.

3. Turn off your cell phone (its radiation can upset your normal sleep pattern) after a certain time at night.

4. Sleep inducers such as soy milk, whole grain, certain seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds) and nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, peanuts) help your brain to relax. But remember not to overeat those food and do visit the bathroom right before sack time so that you won’t have to drag yourself up in the mid of your sweet dream (I hate that!).

5. Regular exercise relieves tension, thereby aiding sleep and treating insomnia. But try not to work out before bedtime as it may keep you awake.

6. If you’re working at home, stop work at least two hours before turning in to allow your mind to unwind and relax.

7. Improve your diet by reducing meat intake and eating more fruits and vegetables such as berries, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and cereals. These natural goodies help to revitalize your body and help to keep your sleep mechanism function properly with less “glitches”.

I would also recommend an amazing natural insomnia cure – Kiwi.

Packed with abundant vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals (including calcium, potassium, magnesium) and dietary fiber, you should eat them more often and not only for insomnia problem.

Among the nutrients in kiwi, calcium is the one helping you to relax, which isn’t found in many fruits. But be prepared that you’ll only feel the effect after a few weeks of eating 2 kiwis each night.

How about taking calcium supplements? As with all artificially extracted supplements, they bring some adverse conditions. I reckon you do not want to add more toll on your health with those side effects.

Kiwi’s effect too slow for you? Think about this – eating two per night replenishes you with so much nutrition and makes you sleep better naturally in the long run. Isn’t this an easy deal and a natural cure for insomnia without medication?