How to Cure Emetophobia Naturally

Many people, even experts, are unclear on how to cure emetophobia naturally or otherwise. Many emetophobics already display great skills in fighting nausea and it is an interesting fact that many sufferers actually vomit much less than the average person.

Some deal with their emetophobia by taking anti-nausea medicine, such as Tigan or Compazine which can be bought on prescription whilst some rely on less effective over the counter remedies. Some will try to boost their immune systems by taking herbal remedies and vitamins.

Some sufferers will deal with emetophobia by using breathing exercises to control the urge to vomit until the feeling actually passes. Others might take ginger root or eat a very basic diet consisting of light carbohydrates and clear liquids. Distraction can also work for some.

Despite the fact that emetophobics have often become very proficient at knowing how to deal with emetophobia and avoid vomiting or situations where vomit might be an issue, the real issue is that there is a constant mental stress in worrying when you might vomit yourself or when you might be in this type of situation. Indeed, many report that it is constantly at the forefront of the mind and they cannot even enjoy a meal through fear. Many female sufferers might also put off having children until they learn how to cure emetophobia.

There is no “one cure fits all” scenario, but some experts suggest desensitization. However, this rarely proves popular or effective with suffers. Sometimes, sufferers have learned how to cure emetophobia by being in a situation where they have vomited themselves due to illness and this natural vomiting is, by some, embraced, although this is rarely a situation which emetophobes would choose themselves!

Some psychiatrists recommend following a type of desensitizing program whereby the sufferer gradually resumes activities which they would normally deem “risky”, such as riding a carousel or eating foods which they might think of as dangerous, such as restaurant-cooked chicken.