How to Cure Cold Sores Fast

You should find cure as soon as you experience itching, redness, tingling sensation and small blister breakouts. You can choose from prescription to non-prescription drugs. There are also some home remedies that can cure this condition. If you are one of the many who suffer from cold sores then this article will surely help you get rid of it once and for all.

As we all know cold sores are painful and can also cause embarrassment to the patient. Although there are no real cures for such condition, there are many ways to minimize the size of the blister as well as to make the healing time a lot faster.

Here are the proven ways to help cure cold sore fast.

– You can ask your dentist for some medical attention.

You can tell your dentist about your painful blister problems. He may prescribe you some medications such as Denavir that can help treat the blisters. He may also give you some topical cream such as Zovirax or some blister eliminator pills to help alleviate the pain and redness of the blisters.

– Apply rubbing alcohol on the affected area.

Once you feel a bump on your skin, you can now dab some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and gently rub it on the affected area. Rub the skin repeatedly until the sore is revealed. This method will surely sting your skin but it is very effective in minimizing the growth of the blister.

– Always clean the affected area.

Make sure to always clean the affected area so as not to make any further breakouts. Wash it with cold water to alleviate the inflammation. You can also easily clean the affected area with rubbing alcohol. Simply do these methods twice a day until the blisters decrease its size.

– Apply the prescribed topical cream thrice a day until the blisters are totally gone.

It is always a must to apply the topical cream to the affected area three times a day until the blisters are totally gone. If you are staying inside your house then make sure to apply liberal amount of cream on the affected area.

– You can also try some home remedies to help cure your swollen blisters.

There are many different home remedies that can help cure the blisters breakout. Some of these home remedies include a simple application of tea bag on the affected area, applying cold compress and by dabbing a few cinnamon powder on the blisters are all effective in minimizing the size of the breakout.

– Take Vitamin C

It is important to help your immunity if you want to get rid of your swollen breakouts forever. Take Vitamin C supplements and other foods high in vitamin content.

– Use clean towel and toothbrush.

Make sure to replace your towel and toothbrush as soon as the blister breakouts are gone. This way you will avoid any recurrence of this condition.

Bear in mind that cold sores can be easily transmitted so it is important to follow these simple tips to avoid further infections.