How To Cure Chapping Of The Lips Naturally


If you would like to learn how to cure chapping of the lips naturally, then there are a few simple steps which can help get your lips looking healthy again. The lips are a very sensitive area which sometimes require extra care to keep them healthy. When neglected, extremes of temperature, particularly the cold weather, can cause painful chapping and splitting. Sometimes, other factors can be involved such as drooling or dribbling and nutritional deficiencies.

The unlike other areas of the body, the lips do not contain any oil or sweat glands. Nor do they have hair follicles or any pigmentation. The lips are red purely because the skin is so thin which allows the color of the blood vessels to show through.

The main causes of chapping of the lips include: –

* Regular and persistent licking of the lips
* Extremes of temperature
* Overuse of cosmetic exfoliators
* Habitual chewing or sucking of the lips
* Alleriges
* Lack of proper nutrition-particularly vitamin B
* Constant dribbling or drooling
* Breathing in and out of the mouth due to habit or a blocked nose

To cure chapping of the lips naturally, start off with regular moisturization-both morning and night. Try shea butter or lanolin based creams (unperfumed). Try not to pick at any flaky or loose skin as this will inevitably be attached to healthy skin and this can be very painful indeed. Instead, gently exfoliate with a slightly damp flannel dipped in a little moisturizing cream. Apply a lip balm frequently throughout the day. Honey and Vitamin E can also be very soothing and promote healing.

If you have had chapping of the lips for more than a couple of days, it is possible that the area has become infected and as a result, a bacterial or fungal infection has taken hold. When this happens, this is a recognized condition known as angular cheilitis which is a very stubborn condition which sometimes requires specialist treatment.