How to Cure Asthma? Nature's Cure


Nature's cure is a simple and cheap method. There are no side effects. Here, a tow pronged approach is necessary. First, the mucus in the lungs and bronchial tract has to be removed. Secondly, the toxin deposited in the body, by taking medicines for such a long time has also to be removed. Complete relief may take time. Patience and perseverance and whole hearted co-operation from the family members will be necessary for easy recovery.

Latest research has already established that using mosquito repellents may cause Asthma. So, please do not use it. To extend possible, Aluminum Utensils should not be used for cooking but only mud pots. Rice may be cooked by placing a steel utensil inside the cooker.

Red chilies and Tamarind to be reduced to the barest minimum or given given up. Instead Ginger, Tomato and Mango may be used. Iodized salt should not be used but only common salt. Iodine is available in the coconut, Onion, fruits and vegetables. Foods to be taken within 3 to 5 hours or cooking. Foods kept in the Fridge should not be used.

When there is wheezing during the day, let the patient stay in the Sun, by covering the head with a white wet towel, till the symptom stops. The wheezing will stop in 25 minutes. If it is during the night, the patient may pour cold water on the head and rub with a towel. Apply hot water fermentation on the back but not on the chest. Keep palms in the hot water. Inhale boiled water steam with Tulsa leaves. Honey can also be taken.

The patient will get relief from Asthma in about 2-3 months, however old the disease may be. In the first 2 months there will be intermittent attacks and then it will stop altogether. If there is skin trouble, care should be taken to cure it the natural way and Allopathy medicines are not being taken to suppress it. Apply coconut oil and take Sun Bath to get relief. Face the difficulties with self confidence.

One very important point at last. Years of Research in Nature cure has established the fact that if Asthma patients take potato and sweet potato to be boiled and ateen along with skin. If necessary, honey, pepper or vegetables can be added (Without salt).

Better late than never, Change to Natural Foods and get relief.