How to Cure a Hernia Without Surgery?

Once you have read the statistics that up to 30 per cent of men suffer lifetime pain after groin hernia surgery, it kind of makes you a bit concerned. As my friend Brian put it, 'I decided against the op because two of my friends had it and have been in pain ever since'.

Luckily Brian had a small hernia and was under no pressure from his doctors to get the surgery straight away, though they did insure him it would get worse and need an operation ever.

Brian decided he would try to prove them wrong. He embarked on a non-surgical hernia treatment program which had been found on the Internet, changed his diet, started an exercise program and began wearing an industrial-strength hernia support garment. How long did his hernia take to heal without surgery? Five years? Two years? In fact it was gone in less than six months.

So why do doctors insist that this is not possible when it is clearly? There are growing numbers of case reports on the Net, from people who hernia healed without surgery. It's not even a new concept. Back in the 19th century hernia cures were considered commonplace before the days of surgery.

The Herniabible Program
The program that Brian found on the Net is called the Herniabible system. It's quite simple and is based on eating the right foods, doing the right exercises and keeping the hernia firmly at all times. However you can not just wear any old truss to keep it in. Some versions, though cheap and cheerful, have rounded pads that press into the gap in your abdomen and keep it open. You do not want that because the edges of the gap need to come together in order to heal. Some trusses / belts also slip around and do not always keep the hernia in very well. You have to use a hernia support that has flat pads and is also guaranteed to keep the hernia at all times (even when cycling or playing football).

Foods to Eat for a Hernia
The Herniabible diet is all about controlling your hernia pain and swelling by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and fiber-rich foods, and not overloading your digestive system. It's also important to get enough vitamin C, zinc and other vitamins and minerals that are needed to make collagen – the protein from which skin and muscles are made. (Weak collagen is one of the reasons why hernias can occur in the first place.)

Hernia Exercises
To help heal a hernia without surgery it is definitely beneficial to do the right exercises. These exercises must target the right muscles, ie the core muscles such as the transverse abdominal muscles which lie underneath the six-pack. The Pilates system is ideal for this. Most abdominal exercises are designed to develop the six-pack, and will not be of any use to help heal a hernia.

Is that all there is to it? Yes, more or less. You can find other advice on the Net about using herbs like hawthorn, which also helps to control pain and swelling, or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan, which helps to strengthen collagen, but these will not work on their own. You have to do the other stuff too. There are also some scams out there to beware of. I found a couple of scam sites that looked extremely professional and medical, and that their herbs were proved to completely cure any hernia. Do not fall for it!