How to Create Your Own Online Memorials

Online memorials offer you a space to pen down your poignant memories and thoughts. In a way, it helps bring together grieving people scattered all over the world. In the age of the Internet, online memorials have become an essential part of the grieving process. One of the most popular online memorials available today brings together parents who have lost their children through disease or accidents. Another one helps unite the grieving admirers of some of the most wonderful personalities of our times. One such example is the famous online memorial site dedicated to Steve Irwin.

Why create an online memorial service?

The purpose of an online memorial service is to reach out to people who may be suffering from the same kind of grief. For instance, an online memorial site dedicated to young teenagers killed in accidents is a space where parents, relatives and friends of such unfortunate victims can come together to share their pain and remembrances.

Online memorial sites also fulfill another silent yet strong social duty: they are strong reminders of the gruesome 'accidents' out there, directed at all the people who are willing to listen. Messages that fill these pages are mute testimonies of the results of blind complacency. They act as a warning to all those blind folks who mistakenly believe that 'things like this do not happen to people like us'.

Online memorials sites dedicated to the brave, popular and famous personalities of the world allow admirers to express their appreciation and admiration. They also offer an avenue for people in one corner of the world to reach out to the bereaved and grieving family and friends located somewhere else. These messages, often containing words of praise and peace, help people in mourning face their loss.

Lastly, an online memorial is like a dedication that lives on forever. You are allowed to write down your thoughts and upload appropriate pictures to the site. Such pages are a source of continuous solace to the people who have been affected by grief.

How to create an online memorial site?

Dealing with loss is a difficult process – not only for you, but for all those who have been touched by the loss. An online memorial site creates an enduring tribute that will help you and your circle of friends and relatives deal with the loss. Websites like,, etc allow you to join their service when you pay a nominal entrance fee. Websites such as these are recommended for those who do not have the time or the wherewithal to create and maintain a web site of their own. These membership websites hold your page for as long as the membership fee is paid.

If you want to create your own memorial website, you have to be a little more active. Having a website of your own allows you a lot of flexibility. For one thing, you have more web space, so you can share more with others. You can include as many images as your web space allows you to. Another helpful feature is the ability to introduce a guestbook wherein friends, relatives or admirers can express their own thoughts. Web hosts charge you as low as 10 $ per year for a domain. A basic hosting plan can cost you less than 5 $ per year. If you have some knowledge in web designing and possess the necessary tools to upload your own pages, you can have your own website up and running for less than 20 $. Of course, you will also need to set aside some time for maintenance, updates and other periodical work.

An online memorial is an enduring form of personal tribute. It gives some tangible evidence of a life well-lived and offers some focus for the bereaved to reflect and remember well after the funeral is over. Online memorials are a contemporary and dignified method to share memories in a virtual garden that is untouched by the boundaries of time and place.