How to Create and Deliver a Best Man Speech

Creating and developing a best man speech is one of the core responsibilities of the best man. Most people are unsure of how to deliver a kind a speech or even how to develop one, if this is you I think this resource helps you. Before we proceed, I think that it is important to discuss exactly what a best man speech is and what it is not.

A best man speech is just like any speech, the sharing of thoughts and experiences. As the best man you should expect to speak for about 2 to 5 minutes any longer than that and you are going on for to long, any short than this and you did not follow this recommended guideline. A best man speech is not a bash fest, while it is okay to joke a little, full board embarrassment is not what you are going for, additionally, you should be very sensitive that you should paint both the bride and the groom with the utmost respect. I'm sure you've heard about that those best man spokes were the best man rails on the bride and ruins the wedding, you do not want to be that person.

Your speech should begin by welcoming the guest to the wedding and thank them for their participation in the day's ceremony. As the best man your speech is normally the first one delivered and so you want to remember this important component.

After you greet the guest, the next phase of the best man speech is to talk about your relationship with the groom. You should avoid sharing ex-girlfriends or drunken bar stories with the crowd. It's okay to talk about some of the good times you have had the groom, but better stories would revolve around how good of a friend or person you are with the groom and share those moments with the audience.

The next phase of the speech is to talk about the bride. You can tell stories of some of the things you have witnessed the bride and groom do, discuss the improvements that have taken place in his life and what impact she has had on him.

Closing your speech should be with a sincere close, even as simple as wishing them the best and to many years together. After you have completed delivering your best man speech you should walk over to the bride and groom and give them a hug and a kiss.

Congratulation you have just delivered a great speech.