How to Cope With Panic Attack Condition


Panic attack having considered as a modern epidemic is caused by several modern environmental factors.

These factors are even one of those things that we have considered as part of our lifestyle, only to find out that they are actually causing harm to our system. These are the following: isolation, too much alcohol and caffeine intake, long working hours, lack of exercise and lack of rest. All of these and more are contributing to the spreading problem with anxiety or panic attack. Not to mention the variety of harmful chemicals and substances we get from air and water pollution. These substances may even have more direct and more harmful effects to us that are still unknown.

I have just presented some factors of acquiring panic attack but those are just factors. If we are to eradicate this problem from our system, we must dig deeper to the real cause of this matter. That cause is none other than a malfunctioning nervous system. Due to lack of needed nutrients and rest, it tends to function in an abnormal manner. It remains to be a blessing in disguise that despite the troublesome symptoms this condition is still easy to cure. How? Just take note of the two major points on the next two paragraphs.

One, consider having a real food Diet. What do I mean by this? As simple as, having extra care as to what kind of food you are eating. These are too easy to follow for they are already part of your daily life. Like the first which is about consuming more water. Pure water is an important yet seemingly missing ingredient of people’s lives nowadays. It is greatly advised that we must drink 1/2 our body weight in ounces a day. This is proven to have worked wonders. Second, whole and real foods should be a part of our diet: good protein, good fats, green vegetables and dark fruits. All of these foods hold phytonutrients that helps in healing our nervous system.

Second, prioritize healing your nervous system. Exercise directly burns panic attack, stress hormones and nervous energy out of our body. Imagine doing these exercises daily. Then, you are surely going to eliminate anxiety inside your body. We also have the eastern style therapies such as yoga, tai chi, and deep abdominal breathing. These may sound tricky but they are actually easy to learn. Moreover, they work immediately on the nerves. Last on the list is having a regular sleep routine. Sleep contributes greatly in repairing our body.