How To Cope With Mental Illness

Any  mental   illness  is a concern, no matter how docile or severe the effects on the sufferer are, however many people who have developed  mental  problems throughout their lives go on to live fairly normal and successful lives.

Just because you have a mental disorder such as paranoid schizophrenia or split personality disorder, there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy a quality life. In this article there are several pieces of information on how to cope with  mental   illness , as verified and supported by doctors and psychologists.

1. Talk To People Who Has Overcome  Mental   Illness 

When I say ‘overcome  mental   illness ‘, it doesn’t mean they have fully cured their  mental  problem, it simply means they are now able to control it and not have it affect their lives in a large, negative manner. It is very rare to fully recover from a mental disorder, but overcoming and controlling the mental problem, is almost as good.

By talking to someone who has passed the worst stages of their  mental   illness  and are able to live with a high quality of life, you should be able to understand the steps they have taken to reach that place of  mental  peace. You should be able to find out how they’ve done it. Even if you don’t learn any practical information from them, the sheer motivational factor will be enough of a reward for your troubles.

For people who suffer from mental problems, thinking about ever living a normal life can seem impossible and it’s the last thing they will think can happen. In terms of coping, talking to someone who truly understands your experiences can help a lot. As much as friends and family can sympathize with you, the empathy and experience you can gain from someone else who suffers from a  mental   illness  can be invaluable.

2. Make Sure You Are Receiving Treatment

Unlike many physical ailments, a  mental  disorder will not get better with time, instead any  mental   illness  left untreated will become gradually worse and worse. Treatment comes in various forms, from medicinal treatments such as taking a course of drugs, to something like counselling or weekly sessions with a psychologist.

Normally sufferers of a mental disorder will undergo a regime of a variety of treatments, they will receive medical treatments to reduce the severity of symptoms, and then receive mental treatment through counselling to help with the long term recovery process.

As with most disorders, the earlier that the patient receives treatment, the more effective it will be in the long run. And the longer the  mental   illness  is allowed to develop, the worser it will get and it can go from a controllable  mental   illness , to a ruiner of lives.

3. Take Your Own Time

When someone suffers with mental health issues, it can often seem like the right thing to do is jump back to ‘normal’ life, regardless of your mental health concerns. This can work in very rare circumstances, but in most cases this course of action can cause a detrimental effect to the sufferer.

There isn’t a set amount of time that will cure a mental disorder, each patient’s experience is unique to them, and therefore the time it will take them to recover changes from one person to another. Anyone suffering from a mental health problem should take their time, do things at their own pace, mental health issues are very delicate, doing something too soon could have an extremely significant impact on the sufferer.

Before taking any large steps with a mental disorder, you should always talk to professionals or people with experience before going through with it. Something like going to shops alone can seem like an easy step for someone in recovery, but the experience of of someone else can prevent you from making a bad decision that could harm your own recovery.


Whilst a  mental  disorder can negatively affect someone’s life, it can act as much as a gift as it is a curse, many people have been extremely successful because of their supposed  illness . People such as Kim Peek who was the inspiration for the 1988 film Rainman, who whilst having a massively debilitating  mental  problem, had an extraordinary memory due to his  mental  disorder, that made him a global star and an inspiration for many suffers of  mental   illnesses .