How to Control Your Man! – Here is How to Easily Control Your Man Without Him Even Knowing It


The prowess of a woman is put to the test when it’s time for her to keep her man. Making a man want to stay for good isn’t about manipulation-if you go take this path, your relationship is doomed to end. But if you want to gently persuade your man that there’s no better woman out there, then there are ways that you can keep him on a leash (without him knowing it!).

Learn to Please

If you want to control your man, begin by pleasing him. This doesn’t mean giving in to his every wish, just learn to give him the things that he deserves such as-a warm meal at the end of the day, words of praise, and being affectionate around him.

Teach Him to Look Like a Model

Sure, this could be the overstatement of the year but men generally have poor taste and if you allow them to choose their wardrobe, they’re headed for disaster. Gently coax him to choose the red tie rather than the vomit-colored one which he loves.

Be Influential

Every woman has the God-given potential to gently influence any man to do good. For instance, the world around him might say he looks like a dork or a nerd but if the woman of his life believes that he looks like a stud, then he is a stud! If all else says he can’t do it and the woman is the wind beneath his wings, then he can create miracles!

Respect Him

Men long for respect so never shout at him nor physically hurt him-these are the most degrading things that any woman could ever do to her man. Speak fondly of your guy and never allow anyone to put him down.

When arguments arise-and they definitely will-learn to be a graceful woman and bite back any harsh comments.

Set Him Free

Unknown to them, men want to be controlled but, somehow, they don’t want to feel or see that it is being done to them. You have to be subtle if you ever want to have power over your guy. Never become the clingy girlfriend or wife. Say “have fun” when he goes out with his buddies.

Play the Role of the Ever-busy Woman

Are you tired of having to wait for your guy to give you a call? Then you can reverse the scenario by playing busy for a couple of weeks. Once he feels that you’re no longer nagging him for a call, then he would surely begin to worry; after which, he will be the one chasing you!

Make Him Feel Like He’s In Charge

Men want to know that they’re the captain of the ship so there’s no use stealing the role from him. If you don’t always agree with his decisions, you can gently sweet-talk him to doing it your way, once he agrees, make it appear that you just followed to his idea or decision.