How to Control Sleep Paralysis Episodes

As I have experienced Sleep Paralysis for over twenty years, and sometimes as frequently as five episodes per night, for months on end, I have great personal experience and knowledge on this phenomenon. Due to plenty of practice, I have developed techniques, which many people have not yet discovered. I no longer fear the terrifying hallucinations and paralysed state as I know how to prevent it, and more importantly, control it, even to the point of enjoying it.

The objective of this article is to share my own personal knowledge, and the knowledge I have gained through talking to other Sleep Paralysis sufferers. I want to help people overcome their fear, help people turn around these horrific experiences, and unlock the true potential that Sleep Paralysis holds. I want people to understand that experiencing Sleep Paralysis is actually a blessing, not a curse.

I have learned that in order to fully harness the power of Sleep Paralysis, you must take three very important steps:


Firstly, you have to overcome your fear of Sleep Paralysis. Now, I understand more than anyone that this is much easier said, than done. But do not worry, there are resources out there (listed below) dedicated to achieving exactly this.

Fear is a basic human emotion which is created when we feel threatened. In this case, the 'threat' is Sleep Paralysis, and the terrifying hallucinations that come with it. If we can there learn that Sleep Paralysis is not actually as threatening as it might seem, our fear will cease to exist.

We can learn this in two stages:

1. By educating ourselves. A threat that we know more about, is less threatening. This is the reason why an individual experiencing their first ever Sleep Paralysis episode, is much more likely to experience great fear, than an individual who has experienced Sleep Paralysis many times before.

2. By understanding we are not alone. We can gain great comfort by listening to other people's experiences of Sleep Paralysis, and discovering that people all around the world have the same condition as us. We can feel great relief that we're not going crazy.


Secondly, you have to learn self control during a Sleep Paralysis episode. Before we can really harness the power of this condition, we have to remain perfectly relaxed and calm through an episode. Again, this can be difficult to achieve overnight, but by already overlooking your fear, you have made an important step in the right direction.

One of the best ways to remain in control during an experience is to enter it voluntarily. Again, for more information on achieving induced Sleep Paralysis episodes, refer to the below references.

If you can successfully learn how to prevent a Sleep Paralysis episode from occurring in the first place or if you can successfully escape one, then you will gain great confidence in your own capabilities.

Furthermore, you will learn how to induce Sleep Paralysis episodes simply by not preventing them from happening.


Thirdly, you have to learn how to unlock your dreams by using Sleep Paralysis. Assuming you've overcome your fear, and learnt how to maintain self control throughout a Sleep Paralysis episode, this final stage should be a natural progression.

You can begin to enjoy the experience by entering into fascinating lucid dreams, experiencing sexual fantasies, or even traveling to distant worlds using astral projection.

Below is a link to a resource which is structured around these three steps, giving you as much information and guidance as possible to help you unlock the true potential that Sleep Paralysis holds.