How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Are you ready to FINALLY conquer your fear of flying? Hang with me for a few minutes and you’ll find out how to conquer even the most seemingly irrational and deepest fears that you may have about taking flight…let’s get started! =)

Here are some GREAT tips that you can use right now…

1. Look forward to your ultimate destination! For me, the butterflies in the stomach would appear DAYS before my flight was even supposed to occur and obviously got worse once I got on the plane. When you take your seat on the aircraft, don’t visualize scenes of tragedy. Start thinking about things you are going to do when you finally get to your destination. Hype yourself up!

If you’re going to an island, think about how beautiful that sandy white beach and crystal blue water is going to be! I have found that when you force positive images into your head and anticipate the good memories that you are going to create, you forget about your fear!

2. Melatonin is your best friend! Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical in your brain that makes us fall asleep and will make your first couple of experiences a little bit easier until you can fly without it; that’s because you’ll sleep through most of it! If you are taking a short flight, one tablet or 5mg of Melatonin should be enough to help you sleep during your flight with your sleep cycle not being affected.

If you are flying for more than 7 hours, 2 tablets will be sufficient. (For international travel, I recommend taking a flight where your departing time here in the States is an overnight flight. You WILL sleep through most of the flight and when you wake up, you will be on your destination country’s time.) Melatonin is safe, inexpensive and you can purchase it over-the-counter at any pharmacy.

3. Planes are extremely safe! Don’t even allow yourself to begin the “what ifs.” You know what I’m talking about: “What if the plane loses power when we take off,” “What if there is an electrical problem while we are flying,” “What if we hit really bad turbulence and the plane can’t take it,” “What if there is wind shear when we try to land?” ALL of these questions and more I used to ask myself whenever I would fly and it would create nothing but anxiety for me.

Commercial planes are some of the toughest machines that man has ever created. With cruising altitudes of 36,000 feet, turbulence, and even lighting strikes, planes are designed to safely make it through anything that is thrown at them! Plane crashes, contrary to popular belief are very rare and unfortunately if one does occur, the FAA investigates thoroughly the cause and ensures that the safety guidelines for all planes, present and future fleet, are updated to prevent another accident; making flying for you even safer. Every since 9/11 there have been strenuous safety and security guidelines that the Federal Aviation Administration has put in place to not only make flying safe, but enjoyable.:)

These tips WORK!

I’ve been traveling all over the world since 2001 and I used to suffer from flight anxiety. I know from personal experience that it can be frustrating, embarrassing and paralyzing; especially when others around you don’t understand your fear and believe that the fear is totally irrational.

Don’t be afraid to talk to a friend or family member about it. Talking and venting your emotions or anxiety is a proven way to start the process of overcoming whatever anxiety you may experience: in this case, it’s your fear of flying. Once you begin the first steps to conquering your fear, you can enjoy flying for what it is: an awesome, comfortable experience that will take you to wherever you desire to go!