How to Conceive a Boy – Your Questions Answered

Many people do not quite believe me when I tell them that I believe I played a hand when deciding what gender my baby was going to be. I looked into how to conceive a boy, followed the rules and got what I wanted – 3 times! Now I shall answer some frequently asked questions.

How can what I eat effect the gender of my baby?

Okay, first I need to dismiss one common preconception. What you eat when you are already pregnant can not affect what gender your baby will be but certainly if you eat the correct foods before conception it can be very effective. Post why? Some sperms carry the X chromosome (girls) some carry the Y chromosome (boys). The food you eat can have an effect on the alkalinity inside your vagina which can be beneficial to one set of sperm. Boys (Y) like alkaline, Girls (X) like acidic. Sticking to alkaline foods when trying to conceive is widely believed to help your chances of conceiving a boy.

What time of the month should I try to conceive?

Male sperm swim quicker and stronger than female sperm but they do not last as long. To effectively increase your chance of getting that bouncing bundle of blue try to have sex as close to as possible or on your ovulation date. You can easily predict when ovulation happens by using basal temperature testing (available at Drs or pharmacy) studying your cervical mucus (sounds icky but very effective!) Or using an ovulation calendar. If those little guys get to the womb but have to wait around for the egg they will die off. If the egg is there the stronger swimming males have a greater chance of winning!

Can the sexual position in which I conceive determine the sex of my baby?

Back to the old slow and fast thing here. These boys, if you get them nice and close to their end goal will power toward it before the girls. Deeply penetrating positions such as 'Doggy Style' will help.

What else can I do to help my chances of getting a boy.

The environment inside the vagina, as mentioned before is paramount. Your PH levels can be checked using PH strips (again available through your GP or pharmacy). You can help things along the way but Douching with certain alkaline fluids, available over the counter or even made up at home. Okay, the very best of luck to you. I do hope that you try these methods and get the results you want. Remember, it worked for me !!