How to clean a biohazard spill

Working with bio hazardous materials can be a risky job. Almost every job, there is bound to be an accident or two, but if you are working with bio hazardous materials you need to learn how to clean up the spill the proper way. You will most likely be trained on how to clean up these spills, so do not worry. As long as you follow the steps, you are in good condition. There are basically a few steps to follow in order to properly clean up a bio hazard spill. First, you will need the right protective equipment. You need to protect yourself from these materials, so wearing the appropriate equipment such as gloves, masks, shoe covers, and so forth will help you do so.

Next, you need to contain the spill. You should block off the spill or use absorbents to help contain it. The last thing you want is the bio hazard spill to spread. Keeping it contained and marked off will help you clean it up much faster.

The third step is to contain the objects in the spill, such as needles. There are usually special containers for these objects, that keep the materials out of harms way. If you do not have a special container, make sure you dispose of these objects in a safe manner.

The following step you need to clean the surface. You can use basic cleaning supplies for this job. You can even use soap and water, as long as you make sure the surface is completely clean of all materials.

The next step is to disinfect the area. Make sure that the area is completely cleaned before disinfecting it, in order to get the proper results. Do not try to disinfect the area in place of cleaning it, as it will not completely be decontaminated.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to dispose of the bio hazard materials. Make sure you follow your state rules and regulations when it comes to getting rid of these materials. No matter what you do, do not throw them in the trash, as it is a federal violation.

If you follow the steps above you will be sure to have the bio hazard spill cleaned up in no time. Cleaning up these spills the proper way can not only keep you safe, but it can also keep the people around you and the environment safe as well.