How to Choose The Right Anger Management Therapy


Depending on your needs, working with an anger management therapist or a support group setting is necessary to sustain real changes in your behavior because a therapist can observe and analyze your behavior from an impartial perspective. As s / he is the expert in effective anger management strategies, s / he will be able to help you change your way of thinking and behavior that works best for your personality. Other members can also help you with the reality testing. Habitual behavior change is hard and you'll be better off when you participate in a formal program rather than taking the self-study approach because it will motivate you to continue and help you recognize your progress with pride. The therapy can take several months and progress may be visible after 10 sessions. This is determined by how dedicated you are to the progress, meaning taking the lessons to heart and practicing your homework.

Choosing the right kind of therapist is important because each therapist subscribes to different approaches that might be helpful to emotionally over-controlled people but might be difficult for those who can not control their emotions. For example, if you want to want a therapist to help you explore your feelings and learn how to control your angry outburst, then a cognitive-behavioral therapist can help you. You must also choose a licensed therapist specializing in anger management problems or trained in anger management techniques and therapies.

If you need help dealing with anger in general, a class geared towards couples or your workplace may be best for you. If you want to participate in anger management classes, think about your specific needs and make sure you select an approved class that will keep track of your progress and award you with proof of your participation and completion. Typically, anger management classes vary in quality and length depending on the approach. Ideally, longer classes will provide you with more sustained support but regardless of the length make sure you complete your homework projects because this will track your progress.

You can also learn to deal with your anger issues through online classes, video or audio recordings and completion of the programs can be done depending on your speed. Online message boards, email, and phone support is also offered. There are also a great number of books available for more specialized approaches to anger management from a variety of perspectives. No matter which self-study therapy you choose, the best way to learn and understand your anger problems is by doing an extensive research about the therapy that will work best for you.