How to choose eyeglasses to avoid the indentation on the bridge of our nose

While enjoying the convenience brought by eyeglasses, some people are upset by the bruise and indentation on the bridge of their nose which are caused by eyeglasses frame. How can we solve this problem? In fact, as long as you choose proper eyeglasses frame, it could avoid the indentation on bridge of your nose.

As we know, our nose will support most weight of our eyeglasses, the main reason of the indentation on the bridge of our nose may be caused by the heavy weight of our eyeglasses. So, we need to choose some light material for frame and lenses for our eyeglasses. For people who have strong eye prescription, they should choose high index lenses. That’s because the lenses for strong eye prescription are relatively thicker, which means the eyeglasses will be heavier. Luckily, if you choose high index lenses, it will make your strong power lenses relatively thinner and lighter. This is not only for beauty consideration, but also for the weight of their eyeglasses consideration.

Besides, the designs of bridge also affect the comfort of your nose. Improper bridge designs are easy to cause the indentation on the bridge of our nose even if they are light weight. Today, there are three kinds of bridges prevailing in the market, namely saddle bridge, adjustable nose pads and keyhole bridges. Among them, adjustable nose pad design is a perfect choice. The nose pad on the bridge is usually flexible and easy to be adjusted by yourself.

In addition, you should also choose frame according to your frame size. Frame must be selected according to one’s head shape, face shape and pupillary distance etc. If you want to buy eyeglasses in local eyeglasses shop, you can try on the frame to make sure that the frame is exactly the right size of yours before you buy. If you plan to buy some online eyeglasses, you should provide the retailers the frame size you need. Please do not order frame randomly or just for beauty consideration. Only the proper eyeglasses frame can give you comfort to wear.

As the saying goes, every coin has two sides. So, how can I expect the eyeglasses are perfect products? As long as we choose the right eyeglasses frame, it is sure to reduce the harm of the indentation on the bridge of our nose caused by eyeglasses.