How to Choose a Foot Doctor

You have a sore foot. The pain is driving you crazy and you can hardly walk before wanting to sit down and rest your feet. You know the foot is not broken, so what do you do? Is it worth seeing a doctor about? The answer is simple. Yes, it is worth it to see a doctor. But who do you make an appointment with? A general practitioner can probably help, but he will most likely recommend a foot and ankle doctor to you. Foot and ankle doctors specialize in problems with the ankles and feet.

You will get a quick and accurate diagnosis for a foot or ankle problem if you consult with a foot and ankle doctor. How do you choose one? If you have friends or acquaintances that have also had recent foot problems talk to them first. They can give you a recommendation of doctor or tell you not to see the one they visited. Look in the yellow pages for doctors that specialize in foot and ankle problems. A doctor that is hard to get an appointment with is sometimes a good indication that they are sought after, which usually means they are a good doctor.

A foot and ankle surgeon should also have good bedside manner. If you make an appointment to see one and don’t feel like the doctor cares about your condition, then you may want to go to someone else. Also ask your general doctor who he would recommend. Tell him what you are looking for in a doctor and ask about the specializations of anyone he recommends. Picking a good foot and ankle doctor will help avoid a lot of additional problems.